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Are you a Caymanian who wishes to be part of the local dive community? ​

​Off The Wall Divers (OTWD) would love to have you as part of our “small, dive family”.  It is our focus to hire “locals” who are interested in a career as a divemaster (DM)  and/or open water scuba. instructor.

​The term “Caymanian” describes a wide variety of the Cayman population, since over 125 nationalities are represented on the island.  We do not discrimination against any applicant based upon age, sex or any belief you may have.  However, it is important that you have a working knowledge of the industry, and the desire to work hard.  Your working hours are not that of a 9-to-5 individual, but you also will gratification, like never before.
While we want all staff to be dive instructors, a good start is to have a DM rating, and we can progress you from there.  We will have you onboard as a paid DM, and see that you get in an instructor class, as it becomes available.
Dive agencies require that you have 100 logged dives to enter the “OWSI” training.  In becoming an instructor, you do not take part in diving, but learn what it takes to teach as an instructor.  

If you are an open water diver, and want to work your way “up, through the ranks”, we can also help with that.

Contact Off The Wall Divers at 1-345-916-0303 or to have a discussion about your goals and where you wish to be in six (6) months, one (1) year, and beyond.

Our family of five divers and one non-diver spent 8 days with Off the Wall Divers and the experience was outstanding – the great staff, the personal service and the fabulous dives, all simply outstanding. …A great time for all! As expected, the many dive sites at Grand Cayman are as beautiful as ever and Off the Wall did a great job in visiting different sites each day. If you’re looking for fantastic service, a friendly staff of dive professionals, and the best dive experience you’ll ever have, check out Off the Wall Divers.

David L.

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