NOTICE: for phrased reopening. OTWD is taking dive bookings for when the island reopens

Booking Checklist

NOTE: OTWD ask that all divers show proof that they have been diving within the past two 2 years! Otherwise, a “refresher” is required or proof of a shore dive.

When booking with Off The Wall Divers, please use this as a guideline for information. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • Name of diver(s)
  • Gear rental gear needed? If any diver needs to rent a BCD, please include the height/weight of the diver for the purpose of BCD sizing.
    • Please consider things you might wish to rent: EAN32 ($15/tank); BC ($15/day); reg ($15/day). Tanks, weights and belts are included in the price of all boat trips as is a dive computer (we do computer diving and want you to maximize your bottom time).
  • Do you need a pick-up, or will you have a rental car? If so, please advise where you are staying?
  • Do you wish to do any specialty dives? (Example: Kittiwake wreck, Stingray City, night dive).
    • The ex-USS Kittiwake (wreck) is located off of 7 Mile Beach. Stingray City (SRC) is located just inside the barrier reef on Cayman’s North Wall. In general, SRC is most often done during the Summer months – April-Sept./Oct.
  • Are you inquiring about “training”? If so, what? Resort, open water, AOW, specialty,  EAN, etc.


  • Gloves are not permitted in the waters of the Cayman Islands
  • Camera users – you are expected to demonstrate “buoyancy control”.  If we see you laying on the reef, we will speak to you about this.  If it continues, you may not be permitted to take part in further dives

Cruise ship guests, please provide the following:

  • Ship name and home port
  • Day, date and time you are scheduled to be in Cayman (according to the cruise company). Cayman does not change times during the year, like the US. Please note, all time are “Cayman times”.
  • A credit card  (and expiration) will be required to “hold” reservations for all cruise ship travelers. There is no charge to cancel if done prior to sailing or if the ship bypasses due to weather.
  • Once all information is received, an e-mail confirmation will be sent out for your review.

Please note, the above information is for reference only and all points are not applicable to all guests.

Please remember to bring your c-card! If you are diving EAN, you are required to show a the appropriate c-card.

All times are local (Grand Cayman) time. The Cayman Islands DOES NOT change time throughout the year.

You may print out/complete this waiver if you want to save a few minutes on the day of your dive.


We are so grateful to have such a dependable, accommodating, and friendly company to look forward to diving with every year.

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