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Pre-Booked, Dive Packages/Charter Rates

(Effective 01JAN24):

  • 1-2 dive trips (2-tank): $160ea.
  • 3-4 dive trips: $150ea.
  • 5-6 dive trips: $140ea.
  • 7+ dive trips $130ea.
  • 1 tank dive $110 (boat or shore)
  • Snorkelers / riders: $75
  • Private Divemaster – $100 (per 2-tank trip)

Note: when diving the USS Kittiwake, there is a $25 park/medallion surcharge.  Read more about our USS Kittiwake dive or visit We are sorry, but due to insurance requirements, OTWD does not accept snorkelers for the ex-USS Kittiwake trip.

Private Charter Rates:

  • 2-tank: $1495/day for up to six (6) divers. (Everything included). 745AM or 1245PM
  • 2-tank: $1795/day for up to six (6) divers. (Everything included). Depart when you wish.
  • 3-tank: $1995/day for up to six (6) divers.

Training Rates:

  • Open Water Certification Course (private request): $900 (All agencies) (2-3 days, not counting academics; confined water and open water dives. C-card processing and log book included)
  • Open Water Certification Course (full): $750 (All agencies) (2-3 days, not counting academics; confined water and open water dives. C-card processing and log book included)
  • Open Water Certification Course  eLearning (academics completed): $500 (All agencies) (2 days minimum)
  • Open Water Referral: $450 (4 dives) (All agencies)
  • Advanced Course: $400 (PADI only + academics)
  • Nitrox certification: Inquire (done online)
  • Refresher: $175
  • Resort Course: $175 (All agencies)
  • Re-resort 2-tank trip: $250 (all-inclusive)
  • Re-resort 1-tank trip: $150 (all-inclusive)
  • Specialty courses: Inquire

When doing a “resort course”, certified divers are welcome to join IF they have a buddy, and they are comfortable; otherwise, when doing training dives, certified divers are not permitted to tag along for a fun.  OTWD will be happy to provide a guide, based upon availability.

Training from the boat is subject to availability and course requirements. Most open water training dives take place from shore. 

The question is always asked, “how long will I need to complete the training”? Here is a guideline:

  • e-Learning – 3 days maximum (academics completed)
  • Open Water Checkout Dives – 2, 1/2-day (4-5 hours) sessions
  • If you can not complete the course/open water check-out dives in the time outlined, and additional time is required (either in the pool, or open water), charges will apply.  $50/hr/diver or part there of for the pool; $100/per open water dive.

Please use this as a guideline only.  At OTWD, we want our staff to “teach” you the skills, make you comfortable, and make you an open water diver.  We WILL NOT, under any circumstance, shorten your training period due to the scheduling of other activities.  We will work with you, if you will work with us.

Gear Rental Rates:

  • BC or reg: $20/day
  • BC/reg combo: $40/day
  • EAN32: $20.00 ($40 for 2-tanks)
  • Mask/fins/snorkel and/or wetsuit: No Charge (the company does not charge for these items when used in conjunction with our boat/shore diving).
  • Dive computer: No Charge (Computers are part of the regulator setup).


  • $30 additional will be charged for certification card (c-card) processing
  • A logbook is required for all training. If you are coming to OTWD as a “referral diver”, you will be required to either a) log your dives with your instructor online or b) purchase a logbook, if you do not have one.
  • Gear is included in all training dives and “resort diving”


Liability Release and Express Assumption of Risk Waiver

Diver Pre-Registration Form


Our family has been diving in Grand Cayman for over 35 years. Off The Wall provides the best dive experience on the Island. They have a well tenured and friendly staff. Their attention to detail, safety and your needs are unsurpassed.

Scott H.

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